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Customized mobile personal training by our industry experts. We meet you where you are for the convenience. We offer one on one and group packages to meet your needs. 

Custom Planning


We develop custom meal plans based on your body type, your goals and your lifestyle. We also create custom workout plans based on our client needs and the goal required. 



We help each of our clients stick to their new fitness training and healthy eating lifestyle. This  includes the required follow ups,  and accountability of your goals. We also help with grocery shopping and preparation. 

Areas of Service

The areas we service

Ashmeade Fitness matches clients to personal trainers across the Greater Toronto Area including Durham, York, Toronto and Peel regions.  Tell us your town, ​we will find the perfect trainer for you.


Our Trainers

Dan Ashmeade (York & Durham)


Daniel has been a personal trainer for seven years. Throughout college, while travelling the world and in his career, Daniel has always put his fitness first. It has helped him to control his anger, diminish his insecurities and build confidence. Daniel won his first bodybuilding competition and became a world class personal trainer and fitness manager. Daniel is a certified trainer with credentials in pre and post natal, bosu ball, and muscle testing. 

Bon Tran (York Region Area )


I’m Bon. I am a life coach and fitness trainer. I specialize in helping people achieve their weight loss goals, healthy transformations and achieve better performance in their lifestyle. The types of clients that I work with are awesome people who put everyone else first. They are loving people and committed to their families, often successful in their careers but they struggle with one aspect of their life, and that is their health.

Jessica Allen (Durham Region)


Jessica has over seven years experience working as a personal trainer, a fitness instructor and as a nutritional consultant. She is Canadian educated as a fitness professional specializing in individualized personal training plans, various nutrition solutions, weight loss, increased muscle mass and overall wellness.

Peter Lam (Peel)


My name is Peter Lam and I am a health enthusiast. I have a strong background in the field having studied Kinesiology and Health Sciences. With my experiences in personal training I have helped people develop healthy habits in their lifestyle, this includes having a workout routine, eating nutritiously and gaining the confidence to succeed. Movement is the key in my opinion. Whatever your fitness goal may be, if it is to lose weight, gain muscle, sport performance, improving mobility in joints or simply to get that body you want… you need to move. As a personal trainer I strive to personalize programs and give you every opportunity to reach your goals and creating lifelong healthy habits!

Dianne Fonseca (Peel Region )


Dianne is a wonderful, very approachable coach! She strives to help you develop healthy habits that you can continue with for the lifelong journey. Dianne has a strong background in health being a graduate of Kinesiology and Health Sciences from York University. She will provide you with a workout plan that is suitable for you along with nutrition advice to help you achieve your fitness goal. She has had many experiences with different clients, all with different needs and goals. With the wide variation from losing weight, gaining muscle, post-natal exercises and posture correction, Dianne has developed successful strategies that help each and every unique individual.

Adrian Nicholson (Durham)


I am Adrian and I have been a personal trainer for over 3 years. As a child I was always heavier until I turned 14 years old and decided to become more active. I started this transition and all things changed, my physique, mindset, emotional stability and spirituality. 7 years ago I started weight lifting and have never looked back! There are days I have not wanted to give 100% but because of the mindset I developed over the years I was able to push through those harder days. I feel I have become a driven, motivated, diligent and focused person because of these habits which all came as a result of a healthier lifestyle. I like to tell my clients about my journey and remind them that your own changes will not happen in one day or 1 week, but if you stick to it , the changes will happen and they will blow you away!

This is the feeling and habits I want to pass on to my clients and this is why I became a Personal Trainer. Let us start the journey and conquer together! ​

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