So I've been working out with Dan for a while now and I wasn't a big fan of it first, because my mom was forcing me to do it the strengthen my elbow that I had broken the summer before. Now we work out twice a week and I love it, he's an amazing man, so motivating, not only do I love it now but I had next to no bend in my elbow at the beginning and now I'm almost back to having full range of motion just over a few months! It's not just my elbow that he has helped me with, he has helped me build confidence and a better body and mind! Im 20, two years out of high school and clothes that I purchased in Gr. 9 are starting to fit me, its an amazing feeling and its all thanks to dan I couldn't do it without him! Definitely going to continue with the training! He's so understanding and actually makes working out fun!


"Before starting my training with Ashmeade Fitness I struggled to keep my energy up late in the day. Since changing my eating habits and working out regularly with Daniel I've found my energy levels are higher, I sleep better and feel great! My performance at work has improved and I feel so much better doing the things I love like playing hockey and waterskiing."


"I was super insecure about my abdominal area right after giving birth via c section. I thought I wouldn't be able to lose the extra fat that was left hanging after my delivery. But 3 months of training with Daniel had me feeling assured that a flatter tummy can be done and achieved. He listens very carefully and helps you achieve your goal and really motivates you when you need it. I'm that client that will make every and any excuse in the book and he will not have it. Everyone needs a trainer like that where they will come to you and knock on your door until you come out after hearing your excuse of the day. Daniel is that guy. He is one very patient trainer but very assertive when he needs to be. The best part of it all is he makes sure you see results. Also another great part is Daniel is super fun to work out with and because he was super fun, I looked forward to training sessions and the excuses slowly stopped rolling in."


"After this year's Superbowl I found myself hitting new weight records. I was a little upset with myself because my health was interfering with my life style.  I decided I needed help to lose weight and get back into shape.  Although I had a back ground in health and sports I realized I needed a program and some real accountability.  I called Dan and he saw me immediately and we started our program.  Twice a week for an hour each time.  I was a little apprehensive at first not knowing what to expect.  I quickly began to enjoy the sessions as I saw results within the first couple if weeks. We worked hard but Dan was always encouraging and kept the sessions interesting, challenging and different.  

Today I am down 15Lbs and have a lot more energy through the day. No more afternoon naps!  My clothes fit better and I have much better eating and exercise habits.  I just feel a lot better. I have started running again and am enjoying it. I still have a little ways to go to meet all my goals but without Dan I might be up 15 lbs and not down. Thanks Dan for your commitment and your friendship."


"I am a senior with Parkinson’s disease. For me it has been a real help to follow Tiffany’s exercise program. My physio therapist at Baycrest Health Centre advised me to engage a personal trainer to supplement my program there.

Tiffany has done an excellent job. She has been encouraging, patient, and has recognized my limitations, all in a thoroughly professional way. Her exercise programme has helped  me improve my strength and mental outlook.

I can strongly recommend Tiffany to anyone with movement disorders. The fact that she comes to the condo and uses the exercise room there is a huge advantage for me.

Tiffany is cheerful and a bright spot in my day, even when she is working me hard."


I met with Dan 2 or 3 times a week over the winter and was happy with the inches that I lost by March Break and the strength that I gained as well.  I have to give him credit for continuing to push me, when I wasn't in the mood for it - he didn't let me off the hook because something was hard.....he kept encouraging me to keep at it and finish the set.  It is amazing what our bodies can re-learn, even in mid-life, and the response and strengthening that you can achieve!  If you're one of those people who needs a bit of a push too, why not give Dan's "Trainer Tryout" a chance too!  Thank you Dan."